25 Years and Still Rolling!


Broekema Beltway USA, Inc. – 25 Years and Still Rolling!

2014 marks Broekema Beltway USA’s 25th year in business, and as with any silver anniversary, a special celebration was in order. BBUSA staff and guests celebrated over 2 days in September. read more



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Agritechnica 2013

At the Agritechnica from 10.11. – 16.11.2013, we have been exhibiting  together with Artemis, Windgassen and Jäger Gummi und Kunststoff.

We want to thank you for your visit and interest shown!



Graydon award

Graydon award


Transportbandenfabriek E.A. Broekema b.v. received the Graydon award for financially healthy company again

On the 10th of October, Transportbandenfabriek E.A. Broekema b.v. received the award from Graydon for the second time. This means that Transportbandenfabriek E.A. Broekema b.v. belongs to the top of financially healthy companies in its industry. In times of financial uncertainty it is important to know who you are doing business with, so companies can cooperate responsibly.

Gertjan Kaart, General Manager at Graydon: “With the award, companies can distinguish itself from the competition. The award shows that a company meets its payment obligations. This means that business relations can do business with them without having to worry.”



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